Sandwich tasting package

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13 500 Ft14 500 Ft

The package 16 sandwiches contains 1-1 of each type of sandwich:

  • Meat:

    • Tenderloin, bacon mayonnaise sandwich - dairy free
      (Bacon mayonnaise, barbecue pulled pork, bacon chips (dairy free)
    • Pastrami, coleslaw sandwich - dairy-free
      (Marinated roast beef brisket, figs, coleslaw)
    • Fried prawn, black acoli sandwich - dairy free
      (Black aioli, prawns marinated in mango fruit vinegar, salmon caviar) (dairy free)
    • Mayo chicken breast and truffle sandwich - dairy free
      (Sous vide chicken breast, truffle mayonnaise, cridspy onion)
    • Duck liver, rhubarb chutney sandwich
      (duck liver mousse, rhubarb chutney, candied almonds)
    • Chorizo cream, smoked quail egg sandwich
      (Chorizo cream, smoked quail eggs, marinated mustard seeds)


    • Strawberry goat cheese cream, asparagus sandwich
      (Strawberry goat cheese cream, strawberry coulis, asparagus)
    • Jasmine cream, tangy cocktail tomato sandwich
      (Jasmine cream, vanilla, sweet cocktail tomato compote)
    • Eggplant cream, fermented courgette sandwich - dairy free
      (Cream of eggplant with mayonnaise, marinated zucchini)
    • Brie cream cheese, cherry chutney sandwich - vegetarian
      (Brie cheese cream, cherry chutney, smoked almond grilled cheese (vegetarian)
    • Roasted red pepper cream, olive sandwich - vegetarian
      (fried caper cream, goat cheese, parsley pesto, dried olives)
    • Cream of green peas, marinated feta sandwich - vegetarian
      (Cream of green peas, marinated feta cheese, sugar peas)
    • Goat cheese and baked beetroot sandwich - vegetarian
      (Fresh goat cheese, roasted beetroot, fresh blueberries, walnuts)
    • Egg cream, soft quail egg sandwich - vegetarian
      (Light egg custard, mustard seeds, chives, soft quail egg)
    • Cream of cauliflower, vegan meatloaf sandwich - vegan
      (Cream of cauliflower, cauliflower tabbouleh, vegan meatloaf (vegan)
    • Spicy red lentil sandwich - vegan
      (Red lentil cream, spicy-marinated tofu, glass noodle crispy) (vegan)

The cosolo sandwich package includes the cost of packaging.