Dear Budapest Favourites sandwich package (for 3 persons)

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7 500 Ft8 500 Ft

The package 9 sandwiches contains a mixture of:

  • 2 pieces Tenderloin, bacon mayonnaise sandwich
    (Bacon mayonnaise, barbecue pulled pork, bacon chips (dairy free)
  • 2 pieces Chorizo cream, smoked quail egg sandwich
    (Chorizo cream, smoked quail eggs, marinated mustard seeds)
  • 2 Brie cream cheese, cherry chutney sandwiches
    (Brie cheese cream, cherry chutney, smoked almond grilled cheese (vegetarian)
  • 2 green pea cream, marinated feta sandwiches
    (Green pea cream, spicy-marinated feta, sugar peas) (vegetarian)
  • 1 vegan red lentil, marinated tofu sandwich
    (Spicy dhal, marinated tofu, coriander) (vegan)

The Dear Budapest favourites box includes the cost of packaging.